Facial treatments

Treat yourself to one of our relaxing facials where we will give special attention to your skin’s specific needs.  You will leave relaxed, feeling renewed and looking radiant.
Choose between Lamelle’s Age Prevent facial, Hydrating facial or Purity facial.

Age prevent Facial
Age prevent mask makes use of the very powerful Astaxanthin Complex in deeply penetrating liposomal capsules to deliver maximal skin protection and quenching of skin free radicals.

Hydrating Facial
Utilizing the same innovative complex from Hydrating HA Plus. The end result is longer water attraction and normalization of epidermal shedding and barrier production.

Purity Facial
Purity treatment is ideal for the oily or acne prone individual. Purity mask assists in deeply removing sebum and impurities from pores by acting as an oil “sponge”

Chemical Peels

The chemical peel is one of the most honest skincare treatments around. It doesn’t hide behind fancy name. It is what it says: a chemical solution that harnesses your body’s natural processes of renewal, which can largely be summed up as “discard old skin cells to make space for new ones.” In other words it causes the skin to peel so that the new skin can grow in its place

Lamelle Research Laboratories is a South African biotechnology research company that manufactures products that are innovative and evidenced based. Started in 2007, the founders have over 25 years of medical and pharmacy experience to bring a unique perspective to the industry.

Lamelle’s extensive success has come through its philosophy and commitment to the principle that all products developed must undergo a rigorous program of review, research and meticulous production. This combined with the continual search and use of innovative patented ingredients and formulas and paramedical training has brought Lamelle success and will continue to be at the core of Lamelle’s progress.

We will advise the correct peel for your specific skin concerns.